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car towing serviceMSTOW is Melbourne’s most reliable 24 hours towing service at a cheap rate, and if your car has broken down, and you need to move it quickly, we’ve got you covered. We’ve been helping stranded for many years, with our attention to detail and care for your car making our tow service in Melbourne stand out from the rest.

An emergency towing service company, with the best prices

We offer affordable prices for our whole range of towing services, and no matter what the flatbed tow truck service near you that you’re after, we can do it. We are at the top of the list when it comes to finding towing companies with the best prices, services and professionalism.

We can give you a great affordable priced quote on towing your car, wherever you are! We employ drivers throughout the city, so chances that there’s a tow driver in your local area that can quickly attend to the scene.

Along with car towing in Melbourne, we also provide:

  • Truck towing.
  • Large/heavy object towing.
  • Sports car towing.
  • Trailer towing.
  • Caravan towing.

Need to move it fast? Call us right away!

No matter what time of the day it is, we’re on hand for the whole 24 hours to help you out. If you’re looking for cheap towing companies with the lowest prices in Melbourne, call us any time on 0425 704 554. We can help you get moving.
Emergency Towing Services Melbourne

emergency towing

Broken Down not sure what to do?

Roadside Asisstance

roadside asisstance

24 Hours Breakdown Service Experienced and Licensed Tow Truck drivers ready to assist.

Trailer Towing

trailer towing

Need it moved? We can organise it for you.

vehicle removal

vehicle removal

FREE CAR REMOVAL call to book a time. We may offer money if the vehicle is reasonable. Please note if this is not easily accessible it will not be free.

Clients Testimonials

A fantastic towing service,I was stuck on a busy street and after calling a few tow truck businesses Melbourne south towing came through.they are prompt,good at there job,well priced and friendly,I was so relieved when Nick turned up,will be sure to …
Karen Klimpel
Great help quick quality service.
quoc van
Vehicle required towing from a 5 tier level shopping car park. They had a truck perfect for the job. Quick turn around.
Proactive and Cheap. My car was stuck in a carpark, and I got quotes of $330 just to get it out and take it to the nearby suburb. I paid $150 with these guys instead. Quick, efficient and friendly. They very cheerfully helped me push it down 6 levels…
Peter B
Imagine this: Your car broken down in the middle of Melbourne CBD at the crack of dawn… You’re not a Melbourne resident… You have no idea on who to call for help. How lucky can you get by calling Dave to help you out! Fast response, professional a…
Andrew Oscianko
Cheers Mate it’s all apart of our service! Dave
RE: Excellent service in every way 5/5
I broke down in a supermarket carpark and after a failed jump start attempt I contacted them for a tow to a mechanic the next day. Dave gave me a great price and I organised the time with Nick for the next morning. Nick arrived and could have just pu…
Linda Rogers
Broke down after I picked my car up from the mechanic. They came out within 25mins to help me get started. The mechanic driver worked out that a component was not plugged in properly! Easy fix & hassle free!
Great polite service when stress levels are up.
Andrew Makowski
Got stuck with my car just before Melbourne, the guy arrived immediately, brought us to the mechanic and also got us home! Very nice and professional!

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