I am broken down what do I do?

Wait in your car or move it off the road if possible

Will you damage my vehicle?

We won’t but inexperience operators will.

Will my lowered sports car/super car scrape on your tray?

We have special ramps designed for the lowest of vehicles.

Will you rip me off?

We not only give great service. We also are very fairly priced.

Are you cash only?

We accept all forms of payment; EFTPOS, Master and Visa Cards, Direct Deposit and also provide a receipt.

Will you tow my vehicle if it’s previously been in an accident?

Unless it’s allocated to our towing depot we can’t tow it for you. If the vehicle is delivered to your house or you were able to drive it home. All we need is your claim number and your insurance company will take care of the rest.

How long has Melbourne South Towing operated for?

The company itself is young however father and son Jim and David Camov have traded since 1969. Known in the industry for service with a smile and delivering and picking up cargo without hassle or damage.

How old are your trucks?

The fleet is mixed, we operate a smash truck built from scratch in 1990 servicing Melbourne CBD and inner Melbourne and a dedicated truck for the Western Suburbs built in 2015. Our car park truck is the toy of the fleet but also the oldest 1976 Louisville F350

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